Lodz Special Economic Zone Joint-Stock Co.
90-349 Lodz, ul. ks. Tymienieckiego 22/24
tel. (+48 42) 676 27 53, 676 27 54 , fax. 676 27 55

as the company managing the Lodz Special Economic Zone, invites to a tender procedure aiming at selecting an entrepreneur who:
will receive a Permit for carrying out a business activity within the Lodz Special Economic Zone, the Subzone Łódź, Area 15 and
will be able to buy a real estates, situated in Łódź, geodesic area No. S-09, described as the following plots: built plot No. 84/1 and un-built plot No. 76/11, the Land and Mortgage Register No. LD1M/00089746/2 and LD1M/00114041/5, of a total surface of 7793 m², on which the business activity will be conduced.
The real estate, which is the subject to the tender procedure, is owned by the City of Łódź.
The opening bidding price of the real estate is: 4.000.000,00 PLN + VAT at the rate prevailing on the day the real estate is sold
Deposit (vadium): 400.000,00 PLN
Taking part in the tender is conditioned by:
1) the purchase of the „Specification of essential conditions of the tender” (20.000 PLN + 23% VAT). “The Specification of essential conditions of the tender” can be purchased in the office of the Zone, in Lodz, 22/24 Tymienieckiego St., by settling a non-returnable payment at the amount of 20.000,00 PLN plus 23% VAT in the account of BRE BANK nr: 97 1140 1108 0000 2030 2200 1001. The interested Bidders can obtain further information at the above address or by phone nr (+ 48 42) 275 50 60, 275 50 64, office hours: 8:00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m. (every day except Saturdays and Sundays);
2) and by paying deposit (vadium) in the amount mentioned above by 15th December 2011 at the latest, to the account of the City of Łódź: GETIN Noble Bank Joint-Stock Co. – Account number: 35 1560 0013 2026 0000 0026 0017;
The tender offers are to be submitted at the office of the Lodz SEZ Joint-Stock Co. in Lodz, 22/24 Tymienieckiego St. by 15th December 2011, 4:00 pm at the latest. The opening session of the tender will take place on 20th December 2011 at 12:00.
The tender offers will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria in accordance with the „Specification of essential conditions of the tender” and the Decree of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 15 November 2004 (Journal of Laws No. 254, item 2544) concerning a way of execution, terms and conditions of tenders or negotiations and criteria of projects assessment when it comes to business activities which are to be undertaken by investors in the Lodz SEZ.
The tender procedure will be won by the Bidder whose bidding offer will obtain the maximum score, however not less than 50% of all possible score and who will offer the purchase price not lower than the opening bidding price.
The Lodz Special Economic Zone Joint-Stock Co. may invalidate the tender procedure in the event of a material change of circumstances resulting in that the continuation of the tender procedure is not in the public interest, which could not have been predicted earlier and when the tender procedure has a defect which makes it impossible to issue the Permit. The Lodz SEZ Joint-Stock Co. will inform all bidders at the same time, in writing, about invalidation of the procedure, giving the factual and legal reasons thereof.

The content of this advertisement in English is available on Lodz SEZ Joint Stock Co. website: www.sse.lodz.pl – in section “Tenders”.