Lodz Special Economic Zone

90-349 Lodz, ul. ks. Tymienieckiego 22/24

tel. (0-42) 676 27 53, 676 27 54 , fax. 676 27 55

as the company managing the Lodz Special Economic Zone makes corrections incontent of the advertisement published in Puls Biznesu on 23 January 2012 as follows:
Lodz Special Economic Zone, invites to a tender procedure aiming atselecting an entrepreneur who:

will receive a Permit for carrying out a business activity within the Lodz Special Economic Zone, the Subzone Skierniewice, Area 1 and

will be able to buythe right of perpetual usufruct ofthe real estatedescribed as the plots No. 126/72 and 126/74, situated in Skierniewice, the Land and Mortgage Register No. PT1R/00083682/6, run by the District Court in Skierniewice of a total surface of 2,5000 ha, on which the real estate mentioned abovethe business activity will be conduced.

The right of perpetual usufructofthe real estate, which is the subject to the tender procedure, is owned by the City of Skierniewice.
The opening bidding price of theright of perpetual usufructofthe real estate is: 1.238.917,50 PLN (Vat included)
Deposit (vadium) is:100.000,00 PLN
The deposit paid by the Bidder who wins the bid shall be credited towards the purchase price ofthe right of perpetual usufructof the real estates. The deposit is to be forfeited if the Bidder who wins the bid will be evading to enter into contract of purchase of the right of perpetual usufructof the real estate from the City of Skierniewice.
The other conditions of the negotiations procedure remain unchanged.
The content of the following invitation in Polish version is published on the web side of the ŁSSE S.A. www.sse.lodz.pl/przetargi .